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For small businesses, automation is a MAJOR key to succeeding. When you have to do everything on your own, having some powerful tools in your tech stack (software and apps used to run your business) to alleviate a lot of the data entry can be LIFE CHANGING.

One of the tools that should be in EVERY small business' tech stack is HubDoc.

The power of HubDoc comes from the over 700 suppliers (banks, credit card, and utility companies) you can import documents from and the way you can upload documents like receipts. You can scan them, take a photo with your smartphone, or email them.

In addition to where you can get your info from and how you can upload that info to HubDoc, are the ways your HubDoc account can be maintained.

Self-Managed is just as is it sounds. You, business owner, will manage your account including adding your own bank and utility accounts that will fetch statements and invoices. You must invite your accountant/bookkeeper to your HubDoc account in order for them to have access to the documents and be able to sync information between your cloud accounting software and your HubDoc account. The self-managed option is best if you do not want your accountant/bookkeeper to have access to your financial institutions' login information.

Next is Firm-Managed. In this instance the accounting/bookkeeping firm manages the HubDoc account for you with the login information to your banks, credit card companies, and utility company. This is the best choice in the opinion of THIS bookkeeper because it eliminates a constant barrage of emails, texts, or calls in an effort for the firm to get information or updated information especially if you have your accountant or bookkeeper pay bills for your company.

One more awesome feature of HubDoc is how it can simplify your bookkeeping. Here is what HubDoc has to say about that:

" How Will Hubdoc Simplify my Bookkeeping?
Audit-Proof Your Business: Have a source document for every business transaction, and a bank statement for every month of business activity. Hubdoc goes to each website and fetches your documents.
One Secure Hub: Store unlimited documents in a single, auto-organized hub. Never lost sight of a statement or invoice again.
Easy Collaboration with Your Advisors: Your accountant and bookkeeper will instantly have access to everything they need. No more time spent on monthly hand-offs, and no hassle over lost documents. "

HubDoc is cloud storage for your financial documents 10x'd to do MORE than just store your paperwork. When set up and used properly, HubDoc can sync with your QuickBooks Online,, and QuickBooks Desktop and carry over bills and invoices to be paid; making both you AND your accountant/bookkeeper more efficient and effective with how the time is spent.

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