What We Do:


Create and maintain bookkeeping systems for real estate investors so they can grow their portfolios!


We take you from booking to financial success. At AMH, we specialize in simplifying the financial management of short-term rental property businesses. From organizing financial records to tax ready books, budgeting, and strategic planning, we've got you covered. Our focus on cash flow management, quarterly financial reviews, and unlimited consultations means you can concentrate on growing your business while we handle the numbers.


How We Do It:

  1. Being a Soundboard: Offering a listening ear when you need to vent or brainstorm.
  2. Guiding Light: Providing wisdom and advice on best practices for your short-term rental business.
  3. Connector: Introducing you to potential partners, networks, or business opportunities to help you grow your short-term rental business.
  4. Time Saver: Streamlining processes so you can focus on providing the best and most memorable short-term rental unit for your customers.
  5. Trust Builder: Establishing a relationship where you know they can rely on us, no matter what.
  6. Stress Reliever: Taking on the nitty-gritty bookkeeping tasks so you can breathe a bit easier.
  7. Translator: Breaking down the industry talk into relatable, easy-to-understand terms.
  8. Educator: Offering workshops or training sessions to help you understand your finances.
  9. Cheerleader: Celebrating your successes and milestones, big or small.
  10. Problem Solver: Thinking outside the box to tackle unexpected business challenges.
  11. Confidante: Building a bond where you feel comfortable sharing your concerns and aspirations.


New & Scaling Businesses $300K-$500K in Annual Revenue
  • Up to 5 rental units management
  • Financial performance snapshots (monthly)
  • Monthly monitoring of up to 100 transactions
  • 1099 Preparation
  • Monthly Financial Reports


Seasoned Professionals $500k-$1 mil in Annual Revenue
  • Everything in Emerging plus:
  • 10 additional units
  • 150 Additional transactions
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Monthly Video Check-Ins
  • Year-End Wrap Lite
  • Tax Prep
  • Tax Planning


For Short-Term Moguls $1mil and up in Annual Revenue
  • Everything in Established plus:
  • 15+ Additional Units
  • 250+ Additional Transactions
  • Weekly KPI Tracking & Analysis
  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Bi-Weekly Video Check-Ins
  • Year-End Wrap Full
  • Tax Filing
  • Tax Planning

Each package includes:

  • Income & Expense Tracking per unit
  • Bank & Credit Card Account Reconciliation
  • Monthly Performance Summary
  • Private Portal Access

Established & Expanding packages include:

  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Video Check-Ins
  • Year-End Wrap Up Bundle:
    • 1099 Prep
    • Personal Financial Statement
    • Tax Filing (Expanding Only)
    • Tax Planning (Expanding Only)
  • KPI Tracking (Expanding Only)

Why Us:

  1. Decades of Expertise: With over 20 years of experience, we're seasoned financial professionals.
  2. Real Estate Specialists: Our last 10 years have been exclusively dedicated to mastering the real estate industry.
  3. Educational Excellence: We hold Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees in Accounting and Business Management, ensuring you're working with knowledgeable professionals.
  4. Tailored to You: We customize our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit.
  5. Software Proficiency: We're experts in accounting software like QBO, Waveapps, and QuickBooks Desktop.
  6. Stress-Free Finances: Our goal is to make your financial management as smooth as possible.
  7. Focused on Growth: We help your short-term rental property business thrive and grow.
  8. Our Values: We prioritize honesty, integrity, openness, and transparency in all our operations, ensuring you have complete trust in our services.

Our goal is to be the trusted financial partner you can rely on to add value to your business and your life!

What our customers are saying...

"I needed some QuickBooks Online Training and AMH was just what I was looking for."

-Kim B.

"Alita got my books and my operations organized! I've been with AMH for 5 years and the service has gotten better every year. I highly recommend them!"

-Rudy L.

"Alita is seriously incredible! Thanks to her help I have clean books and am slowly climbing out of debt! She rocks!"

-Sara L

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