Our Services are TAILORED to fit your needs!

Every service we provide begins with these steps.


It starts with a Discovery Call

Like a real tailor, a fitting must be done before the real work on your masterpiece can begin. This is the discovery call, also known as a Diagnostic Review. During this review, we are taking a thorough look at your current bookkeeping systems, going through your sales process, how you gather and store your financial documents, and so much more. Once that is complete, our findings are shared with you and together, we create a plan of action to put you on the right financial path for you, your goals, and your business!

Next Up: Onboarding

Navigating the onboarding process with a virtual bookkeeper is like having a trusted financial co-pilot by your side. After the discovery call, where we dive into your unique rental property or hosting business needs, we gather and organize your financial data, set up user-friendly software, and maintain clear communication channels. This process is vital for busy landlords and hosts like you because it frees up your valuable time, ensures accurate record-keeping, and provides expert insights to help you make informed financial decisions. Together, we'll streamline your bookkeeping, maximize profits, and soar towards success in the rental property and hosting world.

Access Verification

Access verification is a crucial step when working with a virtual bookkeeper. It involves granting the bookkeeper secure access to your financial accounts, such as bank accounts and accounting software. This process ensures that they have the necessary permissions to retrieve relevant financial data and perform their bookkeeping tasks accurately. Access verification is important because it allows the bookkeeper to work efficiently, maintain up-to-date records, and generate accurate financial reports. It also helps maintain data security by implementing proper protocols and safeguards to protect your sensitive financial information.

Finally...The Work Begins

Now the fun starts. We take all of the information gathered in the discovery call, the information given to us during onboarding, combine it with the access granted to us, and we get to work! Based on your service that could mean setting up your new accounting software, processing the back work to get your books caught up to the current month or year, or training and consulting in a way that empowers you to take control of your financial management. Whatever it is, AMH Bookkeeping, LLC embarks on a journey with you and remains with you every step of the way.
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