Small Business & Bookkeeping – Choosing Software

Switching from spreadsheets to accounting software is a big deal and you want to first and foremost ensure you are getting the software that fits your BUSINESS needs. With cloud accounting software becoming increasingly more popular, it gives you another option to consider when switching to a computerized accounting software.

Let's discuss the options available.

Intuit Products - QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

Here at AMH, we are AVID fans of QuickBooks Desktop. It is, by far, the most robust accounting software available to small business owners. It handles payroll, inventory, cost accounting, property management, and much more. To make this more of a better option, your desktop file can be hosted online, giving you anywhere access to your accounting information as long as you have secure internet connection (recommended).

QuickBooks Online is a good option for those just starting out and want to keep good records. With its "scalable" options it is a good fit for many. Like its desktop counterpart, QuickBooks Online can handle payroll, inventory, and cost accounting. It can handle all of this for a business with multiple locations. This is especially good for construction business or contractors who have jobs in multiple locations. For more information on the QuickBooks Online options, click HERE.

AMH does not work with any QuickBooks Online products.

The remaining accounting software that I'm going to mention are all online only and I am not as well versed in those as I am Intuit products.

Other popular choices for accounting software:

Accounting Suite
Sage50 Cloud

Clicking on any of the above will take you their websites where you can learn more about them.

If you have already chosen QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting software, have it hosted in the cloud, and are ready to get started, schedule a consultation and a setup appointment with AMH today!

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