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Welcome to AMH, the home of No-BS bookkeeping.

Here's some tough love:

Your bookkeeping SUCKS!

No Judgment. Honestly.

You needed to know that. You got into business to do what you love and make money; you're not an accountant or a bookkeeper! You don't know what you don't know and that creates chaos in your bookkeeping!

I applaud you for trying to maintain the financials on your own because something IS better than nothing. I know researching for the answers to your bookkeeping questions is hard, ESPECIALLY when you have NO idea how to ask the question or if it's even the RIGHT question at all. Celebrate yourself 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉! It's not an easy feat and you are ahead of the game!

Now pump the brakes! You DO NOT have to do this anymore. AMH was created to solve this issue for you and then some. I'm talking about a professional bookkeeper who knows your industy AND someone who isn't going sugarcoat things. When it comes to your money, you get the straight truth....no chaser!

Like a tailored suit, we've got custom solutions for your needs. Bookkeeping doesn't have to be a pain in the asset anymore. You're not alone when AMH Bookkeeping LLC has your back!

Take a look around and let's get started...your journey to better, BS-free bookkeeping begins today!

Alita M. Hall
Ms. Brash the CEO

    Alita M. Hall
Ms. Brash the CEO

Our Featured Services

PERFECT for the DIY'er, BackPocket Bookkeeper™ is your go to support when you FINALLY sit down and work on the bookkeeping. No more stressing out or spending hours on Google trying to find the answers to questions you aren't even sure you are asking correctly.


We're cutting stress right outta tax readiness!


  • No more frustration
  • No more late nights shuffling papers
  • Tax season CAN and WILL be easier than previous years (except when you just give everything to your professional and let them figure it out...that's not easier...it's avoiding)

You really can have a system created that makes year-end wrap up and tax readiness silky smooth!


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Wanna know the quickest way to mess up your short-term rental game? Bad bookkeeping! Don't let these blunders get the best of ya. 🚫


Inside the Pages of 'Rental Riches', You'll Find:

  • The Blunder List: The top 5 bookkeeping mistakes almost everyone makes.
  • Oops Moments: Real-life scenarios where these mistakes show up and trash your profits.
  • Quick Fixes: Practical solutions to set things right, no fuss involved.

This will easily become your favorite quick reference tool in your operations toolkit!

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