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"Hi my name is Phil and I am the owner of Page Enterprises, a rental property company. I run this company with my wife. We have found the services of Ms. Hall very satisfactory. She provides the majority of the heavy lifting for bank account reconciliations, accounts receivables adjustments, monthly general ledger maintenance, account classifications, etc., on an ongoing basis. For oversight of the quality of services provided by Alita, Page Enterprises employs an Enrolled Agent for both periodic account reviews and preparation of our tax returns. This is for both our business and our personal accounts. Ms. Hall has met with our Enrolled Agent on various occasions and it is our understanding that he approves of her work. We have recommended Alita’s work to other Real Estate investors, one of whom is a friend. We would not make such a recommendation if we had any hesitation of whether they would receive high quality service." Phil P., Page Enterprises

Stop waiting until tax time to get your books current.

Maintaining accurate financial records throughout the year is an important process for your business. If you work with private lenders, shareholders, partners, etc, it is VITAL to have reports more often than yearly as they can provide beneficial information for growth!

Aside from timely reporting, handling the data entry for your transactions regularly keeps them fresh in your mind. No more trying to remember what happened 6 months ago.....your accounting software can tell you!

Lastly, daily and weekly data entry throughout the year can save you money in tax return preparation fees. How would that make you feel? And like tax preparation fees, your accounting and bookkeeping fees are tax deductible. Talk about a win-win.

Let's get PROACTIVE with your finances instead of REACTIVE!

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