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Welcome to AMH Bookkeeping, where we don't just manage your real estate finances—we revolutionize them. I'm Alita, your go-to Brashy Bookkeeper, armed with over 20 years of kick-ass expertise specifically in real estate. Here, we offer more than just bookkeeping; we deliver stress-free financial solutions that scale with your ambition. Committed to precision and proactive strategies, I'm not just a choice—I'm your best bet for maximizing your property portfolio’s potential. Ready to dominate your finances? Let’s make it happen!

We specialize in residential real estate!

Our Featured Services

PERFECT for the DIY'er, BackPocket Bookkeeper™ is your go to support when you FINALLY sit down and work on the bookkeeping. No more stressing out or spending hours on Google trying to find the answers to questions you aren't even sure you are asking correctly.

Want the 411 on Capital Gains?

Capital Gains Tax can be a NIGHTMARE to deal with! Trying to figure all of that out is not where the money resides. Stop wastin' ya time and get this 101 info!
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