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Alita 2024

Alita M. Hall

The Brashy Bookkeeper

Hey y'all. Its the Brashy Bookkeeper here.

Imma keep it short and sweet.

We know your bookkeeping sucks but it doesnt have to stay that way. I know bookkeeping isnt as sexy as talking about saving money on your taxes. We all wanna do THAT! The KEY to saving on your taxes is BOOKKEEPING!

Trying to do one without the other is like driving without the tires...gets you nowhere. I know you wouldnt do that so dont think taxes without bookkeeping.

The professionals at AMH are like the tires on your car, crucial for getting to that place you DREAMED about when you started your business. We are here to help make sure you get there in the best financial shape.

Its a judgment free, no bullshit atmosphere. We call it like we see it. We dont sugarcoat but we also arent gonna feed ya a line of crap to make ya feel better. Our job is to be honest and even delivered in the kindest way, the truth still hurts but it gets us off our asses and into action! Thats how it works here, too!

Alright, I said I was gonna keep this short. AMH Bookkeeping, LLC is redefining bookkeeping with attitude but its done to make you feel more at home. Lets face it, who wants to talk to someone all buttoned up. Makes ya feel a bit intimidated, right? At AMH, youre talking to a trusted friend who will advise you and support you.

Wishing you fatter wallets and cleans books, this is the Brashy Bookkeeper. Ill holla!

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PERFECT for the DIY'er, BackPocket Bookkeeper™ is your go to support when you FINALLY sit down and work on the bookkeeping. No more stressing out or spending hours on Google trying to find the answers to questions you aren't even sure you are asking correctly.

Want the 411 on Capital Gains?

Capital Gains Tax can be a NIGHTMARE to deal with! Trying to figure all of that out is not where the money resides. Stop wastin' ya time and get this 101 info!
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