A Word From AMH

I want to keep this post short and sweet. It's listing the 5 major things THIS bookkeeper wants small business owners of all industries to know. Let's get into it.


Bookkeeping is not a glorified data entry position.

It takes education and industry knowledge to properly enter transactions so that they are hitting the proper income and expense categories. This is to ensure maximum

business tax deductions for you, the owner, which in turn reduces your tax liability.


The price of your accounting software does not equate the monthly cost of your ongoing bookkeeping service.

I say again, the price of your accounting software does not equate the monthly cost of your ongoing bookkeeping service. When all you care about is the price, you underappreciate the experience, knowledge, and expertise of all bookkeepers. Cheap work is often not the best work. Think about it. Anything you see as high quality always comes with a higher price right? Treat your bookkeeping needs the same…you will not regret this decision.


Your bookkeeping needs are NOT simple.

If your bookkeeping needs were as simple as you say they are, you would not be behind or in need of an accountant or a bookkeeper. Let's be honest only a knowledgeable accountant or bookkeeper can distinguish how simple or complicated your books really are. You understand how to do the service your business is in, not the accounting requirements, right? Why would you think they were simple if you don't understand them?


Do not micromanage your bookkeeper or accountant.

Especially if you have no idea how to do the work. Do not try to tell them how to shed time down on doing the work YOU hired them to do. You will get labelled as a PITA (Pain In The ASS) and the rest of the industry may be on alert for you. Imagine how you would feel if a novice came in telling you how to run your business and you KNOW they haven't the slightest clue about what you do? Why would you do the same to an accountant or bookkeeper?


Respect the boundaries your accountant or bookkeeper sets.

You would expect the same from him or her. If they tell you all correspondence is to be sent via email, do that. If they tell you they are on vacation and will get to your issue when they return, respect it. We are business owners too and our time is just as important as your time.


We WANT to work with you and we need the same respect FROM you as you expect from us.

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