QuickBooks for Property Management – Work Orders

Maintenance requests. YIKES! For most landlords and property managers this can be a MAJOR headache. Establishing a smooth, easy to follow process from the beginning can fulfill a request with ease! Once a maintenance request is received, the landlord  or property manager completes a Work Order. There are many steps but like all things, repetition is key to automating this process.

The first step in this process is when the Tenant issues a maintenance request. Depending on how you manage your properties (self-managed or property management firm), the response to this will vary a little bit. For the post we will outline if from the property management firm view.

More often than not, PM firms have a maintenance team on staff that is ready to answer these requests in a timely manner. Others do not and may have to call upon another company to help. In either situation, a well-defined process will ensure a smoother journey from start to finish.

Here is the process AMH recommends:

  1. Tenant issues a request.
  2. PM sends request to Maintenance Supervisor.
  3. Supervisor contacts tenant for further info and to schedule time for Technician to inspect the issue.
  4. Technician inspects issues, taking pictures and documenting findings. Emails info to Maintenance Supervisor.
  5. Supervisor contacts Tenant to schedule repair and creates Work Order in Quickbooks (this form will be created for you).
  6. Technician arrives at Tenant's unit, Work Order in hand, and completes repair.
  7. Technician photographs finished work, Tenant signs Work Order, and returns completed work order to Supervisor.
  8. Supervisor turns the work order over to the PM.
  9. A copy of the work order and receipts, if any, are sent over to the bookkeeper in the event the damage is not normal wear and tear and caused by the tenant.
  10. Bookkeeper sends the invoice back to the PM for verification of work order and repairs completed.
  11. PM issues invoice to the tenant.

I have created a checklist to help follow the process and to ensure each step is performed. Click HERE to download the checklist.

AMH can help implement this process and other processes to help get your back office running smoothly. With our Tailored COO program, we can help you widen those bottlenecks in your processes, help you automate some of your steps, and alleviate holdups in your pipelines. Visit our website and schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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