Efficiency: Acuity Scheduling


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As an employee of my local Landlord Association, one of the biggest sources of stress I hear about is scheduling showings. Scheduling individual showings of units, just to have the prospect not show up is a stressful waste of time. Unfortunately it is a necessary step in getting the unit rented, no matter WHEN you perform it. I have a solution to automate this and make it smoother and less stressful.

Enter Acuity Scheduling. A Squarespace company, boasts "No More Scheduling Hassles" and I agree. I use Acuity in my business and it makes scheduling appointments easy for me and my clients. I know it will make showing a vacancy a breeze for you landlords. Easy to use, you can set Acuity up to have multiple people choose a showing of your own choosing. For each vacancy you have, you will want a separate appointment type for.

It will send them reminders for you so they are always aware and you can add screening questions that they have to answer before they can confirm the appointment. Acuity can be configured to send multiple reminders on the day of the showing so the prospect can make the showing. No more calling and texting to confirm.

This online scheduling integration can solve 2 birds with one technological stone. If you are self-managing and want to add some ease and automation to your business, I highly recommend Acuity Scheduling. For more information on or to get started with Acuity, click HERE.

For help setting up your Acuity for showings or find out more about how AMH can help smooth our back office administration wrinkles, schedule your consultation HERE.

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