QuickBooks Setup

Company File Creation:

If you are new to accounting software, this is the first step. Creating your company file in QuickBooks. This step is simply entering in your company information (Business Name, Address, EIN, etc) and your industry type. This information helps create a basic chart of accounts related to your industry.

Preferences & Lists:

The next step is to update your preferences (Using Account Numbers in your Chart of Accounts, Using Classes, Display Settings, etc). Then we will build your lists (Chart of Accounts, Customers, Vendor, Items, Classes, etc). These lists will be a part of almost every transaction you enter in QuickBooks.

Custom Reports:

During this phase, we talk with you about the crucial reports your business needs in order to determine growth strategy. These are often call Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPI reports are outside the general Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports. AMH will create and memorize these reports for you so that you will not have to create them again.

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