Landlord COO™

How We Train:


Training with AMH begins with one of our professionals DEMONSTRATING a particular entry (entering rental income. expense, bill, returning a security deposit, etc) or taking a tenant through a Landlord COO created workflow.


Next, YOU sit in the driver's seat. We COLLABORATE with you on each step involved in the entry or workflow to completion.


Finally, we ELEVATE you to making the entries or using the workflows and checklists on your own; empowering you to not only be proactively involved with your financials and get familiar with the new operations but to enjoy it as well!

Landlord COO™


With our Landlord COO™ services, AMH assists with establishing processes to widen the bottlenecks you are currently experiencing, streamline the recurring processes such as tenant onboarding, handling vacancies, and requests for repair. AMH has worked with rental property owners for over 6 years,  has helped them not only manage their finances but,  smooth out the hiccups in the overall workflow from Vacancy to Rented and everything in between and we don't stop there.


It isn't just financial decisions and processes we offer consultation services on. Do you want to implement a new piece of software? Simply need to talk through an idea? We are here for you! Collaborative Accounting and Bookkeeping doesn't end with your finances. We are invested in your success, the success of your rental business, and we want to make sure you have an advisor when you need one.

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