Catch Up

Timely recording of your transactions is KEY to financial management. It eliminates the need to REMEMBER what happened with a purchase or sale. Not to mention, it is what helps in creating accurate financial reports for both the growth of your business and for your tax preparer.


When this information contains errors or is not up to date, it can have major impact on any new projects, hires, or equipment you plan to implement. Below are the areas we target during the clean up and catch up.

Bank Rec

Reconciliation & Reporting

Reconciling Bank/Credit Card Accounts & Report Analysis

How can we verify the information is an accurate reflection of what occurred? This is how reconciliations and analyzing the reports come into play.


Profit & Loss Statement Items

All Income/Expense Transactions

Recording revenues from sales, proper invoicing, and reconciling accounts receivable reports. Integrating receipt management applications make it easier to track your expenses; ensuring a more accurate Profit & Loss statement.

Property Deed

Balance Sheet Items

Assets & Liabilities & Owner's Equity

Assets such as equipment, prepaid insurance, prepaid rents, fixed assets (property, i.e real estate), bank accounts, and credit cards accounts.  Liabilities such as mortgages, commercial loans, LOCs, Security Deposits, Payroll, etc. Accounts Receivable is also on this list because this contains records of all the tenants that owe rent or late fees.

Next Steps...

Put an end to the countless hours spent on a task that does not bring you any increment of joy. Let out professional team take this off your plate.

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