How We Work


As we begin our journey together, we want you to feel like we are a partner. With our D.C.E. approach to bookkeeping, training, and consulting, we want you to know you always have a hand in your progress and results!

We specialize in Rental Property Owners & Landlords. Ask About It!!!!!

From the beginning........

You and one of our trained professionals will discuss your needs and desired outcomes.

Shot of a group of businesspeople having a meeting in a boardroom we continue.......

A custom service plan, including 3rd party applications is created by you and your point person at AMH.

......and during......

You will meet regularly with your point person and other members of your team to go over reports, make adjustments, and to determine, with the financial information, how to meet your business goals.



No more sleepless nights working on tasks that DO NOT bring you joy! Say goodbye to unpaid invoices and uncleared bills! Let the professionals at AMH handle the reconciliations and transaction posting. IT'S WHAT WE DO AND WE LOVE IT! You are not alone in this. We will be with you every step of the way and there for you for the duration. This is what collaborative accounting and bookkeeping mean to us. Our mission is simple: Manage YOUR BOOKS. Keep them CLEAN and SIMPLE so the process is easily understood and replicated.