Bookkeeping Aerobics
Bookkeeping Aerobics

How does Bookkeeping Aerobics work?

The D.I.C.E. Training Method

The 4-step training system designed for all learning types.

Demonstrate 2

Training starts with a demonstration of how to quickly & correctly enter a transaction.

Instruct 2

Then we move into instruct you on the exact steps to properly record a transaction.

Collaborate 2

You & the Trainer collaborate. You do the actions while the trainer course corrects.

Elevate 2

We elevate you. You are on your own. You make the entries as your trainer watches.

We can't literally hold your hand but virtually is as close as we can get.

What are the trainers like?

Our Aerobics "Trainers" are professionals well-versed in the many available accounting software products as well as experienced in industries such as: Residential Real Estate, E-Commerce, MLMs, Podiatric Medicine, Attorneys, Coaching, and so much more!!!

Bookkeeping Aerobics is NOT for aspiring bookkeepers. This program is not designed to teach you how to perform bookkeeping for others. This is STRICTLY for Small Business Owners who are DIYing their own bookkeeping and are looking for help to manage them well.

Our professionals are here to virtually hold your hand and guide you toward a clearer understanding of what goes on behind the curtain of timely, ongoing bookkeeping.

What's in it for you?

With up to 12-months grace period, you can spread your training out.

Recorded sessions sent via email to Pause and Rewind as you work.

Email support for 6 months. Loom recorded answers to your questions.

One year access to the video resource library to brush up your skills.

Leave your session feeling heard, understood, and TRAINED by professionals with over 15 years of bookkeeping experience.

How do I know if Bookkeeping Aerobics is for me?

Are you making personal purchases with business funds?

Have a high tax liability?

Just want to make sure you are tracking everything the right way?

If you said "Yes" to any or all of the above, Bookkeeping Aerobics is for you!

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