Day: November 17, 2019

How to Avoid Communication Pitfalls in Your Property Management Company While scrolling through Facebook this afternoon, I came across an interesting question in a Property Management group I am in. It asked “What do you feel is the number one service lacking in Property Management?” My answer was communication along with several others responding in similar fashion. I want to elaborate further on my answer. I felt there was a breakdown in communication as it pertains to the responsibilities of the owner and those of the property manager. Who is doing what? What does an owner need to provide to the PM in order for the PM to do his or her job more effectively? What does he PM need to provide to the Owner to give peace of mind to the Owner that the PM is doing the job as promised? Aside from rent, what other deliverables is the PM handing the Owner? Are they timely? These are just the few of the questions a PM firm can ask Owners and vice versa. Another side of the communication coin is that of PMs to their maintenance staff. This was another issue brought up in response to the question above. Finding good maintenance staff is a wonderful addition to