Day: September 30, 2019

Employee Onboarding

Just like with new clients, you must onboard your new employees as well. Reading a job description and explaining the job duties to the new employee is not always efficient in acclimating the new hire. Aside from explaining the duties and assigning them a work area, there are quite a few things that can be done to ease the transition for your new team member. 1. Walk them through accessing their company email. – I know it sounds trivial but this can be so frustrating some times. Walking him or her through this step will help ease some of the nervousness from their minds. 2. Sit with them and give them a short tutorial on any software you use to run your business. – Most people are not up on the latest software or applications so learning a new program is stressful! Trying to navigate it alone!? YIKES! Giving your new hire a hands on tutorial shows them that you understand that learning a new program is difficult and that you value their presence. Yes, I know you can point them to YouTube but your sitting down with them will go a long way to instilling loyalty and a sense