Training & Consulting


Training with AMH begins with one of our professionals DEMONSTRATING a particular entry (entering income. expense, bill, etc).


Next, YOU sit in the driver's sit and we COLLABORATE with you and walk you through each step involved in the entry.


Finally, we ELEVATE you to making the entries on your own; empowering you to not be proactively involved with your financials but to enjoy it as well!



Want to hire a new employee? Rent new office space? Invest in new equipment or vehicles? We offer consultation on all of these things. How the purchase of new equipment may impact your bottom line, leasing versus buying and how it can increase your company's credit in the event you are looking to acquire a loan.

It isn't just financial decisions we offer consultation services on. Do you want to implement a new process or piece of software? Simply need to talk through an idea? We are here for you! Collaborative Accounting and Bookkeeping doesn't end there. We are invested in your success and we want to make sure you have an advisor when you need one.


Next Steps...

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